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Finding a Niche Idea

April 17, 2015

Finding a Niche Idea

Finding a niche idea

Transition into an successful business requires you to start narrowing down your focus. Before you can cater to a market, you must first have a business idea that targets a niche market in your industry of choice. If you believe that your startup has the potential to become the next big thing in your targeted niche, then you should take a closer look.

You must first assess whether your niche idea is feasible or not. For instance, most people love flying, and introducing a product that helps you glide through the air won’t actually be a bad idea. However, when you consider the practical side of things, that’s when you realize that, your niche ideas should be practical. To start finding niche ideas, here are three tips that can help you narrow down your focus.

Identify Your Market

Potential customers you can easily identify; are great for any business niche. For instance, if there are many internet users in your regional market, then you can consider setting up an eCommerce store. Find out about the major eCommerce stores in your region and what they offer. Once you discover that a certain necessity or commodity is missing in online shopping, you can consider making it your niche market. Online shopping is all about convenience, and if you’re conveniently offering a product or service in your regional market, then you’re pulling all the right strings!

Discover the Niche Need/Want

Once you have identified your niche market, start discovering what your customers’ needs and wants are. For instance, if you are primarily targeting internet users who regularly shop via the internet, you can get analytic s from various websites regarding the most popular products and services purchased. You can also track some of the user reviews on eCommerce stores to find out what is lacking from their online shopping experience.

For instance, if traffic is high in your region and it’s causing many problems for people who have a 9 to 5 job, you can consider developing a carpooling application for smart phones. Now when someone accesses the app at, let’s say 8:30 am, they can view commuters close to them and send them a carpool request. In this way not only will people be making it to their work on time, but the road traffic will also decrease gradually. Through geospatial (targeted regional) and paid marketing, you can start getting niche exposure in your targeted market and build a customer base for your niche idea.

Create Your Niche Idea

Once you have identified your niche market and have discovered the current needs of your potential customers, you can now get started with finding niche ideas. Remember that finding the perfect niche idea is not all that difficult, but finding the market and the need for your idea is. Thanks to digital marketing, it is now much easier to market your innovative products and services than ever before. If there was ever a time to start your dream business in a niche market, it is now!

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How to Find a Good Brand Name

April 14, 2015

Brand Exposure

How to find a good brand name

finding a good brand name can be critical to its success. On the other hand, choosing a  name that does not relate to or portray your business can lead to failure and obscurity. Ideally, a brand name is the first step to business exposure, and should convey the value, exclusivity, and expertise of your products, services, and other offerings.

Any brand name can be effective as long as it is supported by a relevant marketing strategy. That being said; it requires careful planning and consideration to choose a name that can bode well with the logo and company image. Here are some essential tips that can help you choose a good name that lays the foundation of your brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

The easier it is to read and pronounce a name, the better it is for word-of-mouth awareness. Continuing on this notion, the fewer words that your companies name has, the easier it is to remember. That being said; some words are not exactly spelled out as they sound. For instance, Xerox became synonymous with photocopy, and is pronounced as ‘Zerox’. Being a unique company name, it’s fairly easy to remember Xerox for its simplicity, creating brand awareness as a result.

Online Brand Exposure

If you want your business to succeed today, you must deploy online brand exposure in one way or another. Hence, you have to make sure that your name is web-friendly in the sense that users have little to no issue gaining information regarding your online business. If you’re planning on making a website, your brand should be a part of the website. For instance, if you have decided to name your business Low Rate Seo, then the web address should be This makes it easier for the average internet user to remember your brand and access your website online.  

Another thing worth mentioning is how you will phase out your future email address. For instance, wouldn’t you like to choose a custom email addresse that closely resembles your company name?

Regardless of your choice, choosing a web friendly brand name helps your online business exposure, leveraging improved visibility in online search engines.

Logos of Top Brands

What many entrepreneurs fail to realize is that a good top brand name and the logo should go hand-in-hand. If you want to develop online business exposure, you need a name that represents the logo. For instance, Apple has a straightforward apple logo. This makes the business instantly recognizable as there is a visual memory associated with the company. The same applies for Google, so much so that it is now commonly said to ‘Google it’, whenever you’re having a debate with your friend!

Creating effective business exposure

is the first step towards building awareness. Remember that products, services, policies, and other aspects of a business will change overtime for the better, but the brand names and the identity associated with it will always remain the same!

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