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May 30, 2017

Cheapest SEO Packages Online

April 22, 2015


Cheapest SEO packages purchased Online from a SEO marketing consultant can hurt your website online exposure if the work is not done properly. Search engine optimization techniques used to create online exposure is a continuous process. SEO takes time, months or years to fine tune your marketing needs to get top webpage search engine results, depending on the competition. Testing is required to create high online marketing conversions, which a potential buyer purchases a service or product. Search engines use algorithms that are always changing. This is just some good reasons to have an experienced SEO technician handle your online exposure services.

Experienced SEO Consultants are traffic analysis that study search engine marketing techniques, website bounce rate, online conversion rates, link exposure and search algorithms. Search Engine Marketing Consultants can continually monitor company websites to keep their business at the top search engine results. If a company looses website traffic online, a SEO marketing consultants can react and implement new search engine strategies to bring website traffic up in search rankings. This can be a continuous website marketing service expanding your online exposure to your business.

An inexperienced SEO technician can ruin your website traffic by applying black hat marketing techniques. If these techniques are used and recognized by search engines, your website can fall out of rankings, or even be removed from search engines results.

An experienced search engine consultant should be able to show you a client in the top search engine organic ranking results or a business reference if need.

To get the cheapest SEO packages it’s best to pay for itemized marketing services or purchase a basic online marketing package from an top experienced ranking SEO Consultant.


Google SEO Search Engine Rankings

March 31, 2015

Google SEO Search Engine Rankings

Google regularly upgraded its search engine algorithms. Panda was introduced to boost search results for original and well structured content. Penguin was introduced to downgrade spam posts, poor quality content, and plagiarized content. As of 2015, many upgrades for Panda and Penguin have gone live, whereas Hummingbird was introduced in September 2013 to allow precise and fast query results, and is still active today. In its essence, Google SEO Search Engine Rankings can help your online business more than you once anticipated.

Google SEO Rankings

What Is Google SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website and its content to rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERP), such as Google, Yahoo, Bing!, etc. Google SEO, on the other hand, is optimizing your website to make it more Google friendly. In other words, a combination of these optimizations will lead your website to ranking higher in the SERP of Google, in particular:

Website Layout – How your website is designed will have an impact on how its rankings are affected on Google. For instance, Google does not reward slow and sluggish websites with better rankings when compared with quick loading and responsive websites.

Keyword Implementation – Using the right keywords in the right content at the right time will help your website climb the search engine ladder faster. Keep up to date with the most profitable keywords in your industry and implement them to boost Google rankings.

Meta Details – Meta details are the details of a page, post, or content of your website that are displayed in search engine results. By incorporating precise, well structured Meta details along with relevant keywords, you can improve the prospects of winning more eyeballs as a result of greater search engine visibility.

Content Optimization – The content you post has to be SEO friendly in order to get the coverage it needs to go viral and meet your desired targets. Well structured content with 3 to 4 headlines, 2 to 4 keywords, and quality back links will definitely help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Social media – Social media marketing is in the cash cow phase and many websites are now leveraging on what it offers. Incorporate keywords in your social media account summaries and share your website content regularly on your social media profiles. This acts as a back link generator and will definitely influence the increasing traffic on your website.

Google AdWords – With an engaging website and blog that has now gathered many subscriptions; you can monetize your website traffic by integrating Google AdWords. This allows you to get paid per click, and with Webmaster Tools, you can easily track your website traffic and make changes to further boost online visibility.

On the whole, you have to realize that in the online marketing industry, Google is a major player in the search engine game. In other words, making your website Google SEO friendly is crucial to help you rank higher on Google as well as other search engines.