Keyword Research fundamentals

April 8, 2015

keyword Research

Keyword Research fundamentals

Keyword research is fundamentally important in online marketing, and is a valuable activity of the whole online marketing scope. Choosing the right keywords can help you increase your website ranking on search engines. That being said, choosing redundant and irrelevant words only makes you lose the efforts of your labor. Keyword research and analysis helps you understand SEO better and learn more about what your target market searches for, on a whole.

The Right Keywords

Keywords go up and down in rankings on a regular basis. So if you implemented words on your website that were updated years ago, they may not be as relevant today. Webmasters generally has the list of popular words that internet users type to search for products, services, businesses, and content. To leverage on the right website keywords, you need  research tools that can help you determine their value.

To better understand how to research for keywords, you have to understand your website. For instance, if you have an online clothing store in New York, search for these terms on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing!, and so on. Once you do that, assess how you rank among those websites and how they have incorporated keywords to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

understanding keyword demand

Understanding keyword Demand

Wouldn’t it be great if you were to rank #1 for the word ‘online printed t-shirts NY’? It’s a great proposition for any online business to rank higher with a certain word. That being said, you have to realize that keyword demands change over time. On top of that, most internet users don’t always buy products when they’re searching with conventional words. This is why many web marketers rely on long tailed keywords to further boost their online visibility.

If your e-clothing store sells the cheapest custom printed tees in New York, you can leverage on that by implementing relevant long tail keywords. For instance, by optimizing your custom tees directory for ‘best rates in custom tees in New York’, you are targeting the internet users that actually want to buy custom t-shirts in New York with the cheapest rates. Hence, using such words helps you leverage on search queries that guarantee conversions.

Getting Started with Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial part of search engine optimization that should not be overlooked at any cost. If you find research hard to come by, you can use a number of resources to discover high ranking words that are relevant to your industry and nature of business.

Online keyword research resources can help you sustain greater visibility on search engines. That being said, it ultimately comes down to how keywords have been implemented to help boost your chances of conversions.

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